The World Is Your Classroom


The best school in the world is planet Earth, and our school trips are designed to take your students beyond the classroom, heighten their learning journey and strengthen understanding among various communities.

By experiencing for themselves the different way of lives lived in this part of the world.  This would enable everyone to make a comparative evaluation of his or her own lifestyle. We encourage everyone to take a step out of their comfort zone and instill in them a sense of adventure.

By participating in outdoor adventure activities, they can enjoy & experience nature and enhance their mental and physical toughness.

By traveling as a team, students inherently develop tolerance amongst their peers, endurance in conquering the valleys and mountain terrain, team spirit and resourcefulness and not forgetting building up their resilience, determination and naturally their physical fitness.

By involving themselves in community service projects, students come face to face with the reality of the world out there and learn to truly appreciate what they have back home and not to take things for granted.

Above all, these trips take both teachers and students out of their classroom environment and are indeed very unique bonding sessions. Students returned with a greater awareness of the difference between their needs and wants. Teachers gained a better perspective of their students and often learn to innovate on their teaching methods thereafter.


Consider these experiences which can be made possible for each participant:

Nepal Everest Base Camp Expedition


Nepal Community Involvement Program (CIP)


Bhutan Cultural Immersion Tour


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