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Deepak Shrestha

Founder & Trek Expert

An established entrepreneur and travel specialist, Deepak is the face of Nepal travel. He is highly regarded for his expert advice on trekking, mountain climbing, community service and businesses.

Alice Giam

Co-Founder & Travel Lover

A passionate traveller and epicurean with an insatiable appetite for unique travel experiences, Alice brands Divine’s destinations and curates travel experiences for discerning travel clients.


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Bringing Our Kid to See the World

Inspiring Journeys Beyond the Classroom



We believe in the power of travel and have been bringing our kid on our holidays and work trips since he was two. Apart from the periodic home visits in Nepal, Adam has been around the world with us these years exploring, trekking, zip-lining, rafting, you name it.

Travel has been the greatest gift for our kid while doing the work we enjoy. It has helped broaden and shape his perspective, gain insights on humanity and compassion, understand himself and unleash his hidden interests.

Most of all, through our travels, we have created lifelong memories to behold and uncover the Little Marco Polo in our kid. This is what is most precious to us which a rigorous academic routine will not bring.

We hope to inspire you to bring your kids out there and enjoy those precious moments as a family. Be out there, have fun and indulge in the quality time that private travel brings you.


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