Hello Mr. Deepak, and Ms. Alice,

We can’t thank you guys more for playing such a huge role in making Project Aasha 2014 a great success. They say happiness comes when you least expect it, and I’m really glad I stumbled upon the organisation.

The Divine team was extremely friendly and welcoming at the start. It made us very comfortable and allowed us to settle in really quickly. Throughout the trip, the team showed much care and concern to the student group, and it didn’t feel like an organisation-student relationship at all. It was pretty much like friends and family, honestly.

I really hope our partnership doesn’t end here, but unfortunately, our project is not a long-term/continuous one. Even if we return, it will most probably not be the same group anymore. However I still treasure the meaningful time spent in Nepal and I believe it goes the same to the members of our team.

Continue your passion in helping the less fortunate around the world. Continue changing lives; our lives and their lives. Continue what you do best. On behalf of the team, thank you once again for everything.


Samuel Chia
NTU Hall of Residence 15 OCIP Main Committee


Dear Mr Deepak,

Hope all is well at your end.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to properly thank you and your dedicated team for providing us with a trip that was much better than we expected. The integrity and sincerity with which the whole team looked after all of us, escalated the respect we have for all of you. Not once did we feel unsafe or unprepared and that made the trip even more enjoyable. The trip opened up a new perspective for all of us, which we will carry throughout our lives, along with all the memories that we made. Whether it was someone feeling unwell, or going out of line during trekking, the concern and hospitality you all displayed was unmatched.

Once again, thank you so much for everything and I wish you, your family and the whole team all the very best! Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Shubhpreet Kaur, Student
Global Citizens Initiative, Nepal
Singapore Management University
14 – 23 Dec 2010


Hello Divine,

I just wanted to share with you my satisfaction with your company. My daughter, Minerva Lim, was part of a school group from Hwa Chong Institution and went with your company to Bhutan for an 8 day trip. She had so much fun on the trip and enjoyed herself thoroughly. She learnt a lot from your experienced tour guides and also stayed in safe and comfortable hotels. I want to especially commend Mr Deepak, who took the time to personally accompany her up some difficult treks. He was patient and encouraging and without his help, she would not have made it. He was a wonderful tour leader who went above and beyond the call of duty. I will definitely use Divine again if I decide to go on a similar trip with my family.

Thank you so much.

Florence Lim, Parent
Hwa Chong Institution
Nepal OCIP June 2012


The overall organization is good. I enjoyed being able to meet up with Tin & Khrisna, working with them again in the trek and seeing the smiles and satisfaction in my girls. Divine provided excellent service. Both the guide, assistant guide and even support staff like Dhruba, Pasang & yourself doing the administration and hotel arrangement has been great in adding value to the whole trip!! Thks. I would like to explore Mustang, Green Lake (Sikkim) and Tibet next with Divine.
Phua Mui Kiang, Teacher

The guides are very friendly and helpful. I will travel with Divine again and explore Nepal again because of this experience.
Mrs Ang – Lim Li Hoon, Teacher

The trip organization is excellent! Very friendly, effective. Divine’s staff and services exceeded my expectations.
Yvonne Tay, Teacher

The trip organization is excellent. Very responsive and attentive team. Very at ease knowing that my guide is well prepared.
Melissa Mak, Trip Leader

I enjoyed the nature, the beauty of the mountains. Divine staff were efficient. Great job and keep up the best work! :) It was the best trip I ever had. Definitely I’d recommend to everyone. I would like to explore water rafting and Mera Peak next in Nepal.
Cherry Fan Li Wen, Student

The trip was well organized and I enjoyed having our guides with us. Excellent service and awesome staff. I would want the same guide on the next trip that I am going. Would like to explore Island Peak.
Noriyuki, Student

I enjoyed the snow fight and treks the most in the trip. Excellent and awesome guides. I want the same guide for every of my trip (Uncle Tin!). I would travel with Divine again and explore ABC and Island Peak.
Tan Wen Ting, Student

The trip was fun! Learning and trekking together with the teram and guides. They are very nice people and the service is good.
Ng Xin Fang, Student

The trip is very good. I enjoy dinner time most. I would like the same guides on my next trip. I would like to explore Island Peak.
Priscilla Yau, Student

The trip was very good. Enjoyed the company of the team and the guides along the trek. Very good service. I would like to explore Mera Peak.
Cheryl Koh Tian Yi, Student

Christ Church Seconday School (Singapore)
18 Days Everest Base Camp Trek (in conjunction with SWET Expedition)
27 March – 13 April 2009

It was an enriching experience that touches my heart not only the activites but the people, I came back a changed person. Divine staff have exceeded my expectations. They were caring about our needs, they shared experiences that enriched my life and they were friendly even though sometimes strict. I learnt that I am fortunate that I was born in Singapore, to have family that I have and all the things around me are put into my life to mould me.
Jonathan Fong

The program was good and it was orderly and well organised. Divine’s staff had met my expectations especially Mr Peter Soon who ensures our safety. The students were participating at all times and he also keep us in order at all times. I leanrt to cherish what I have and also treat everyone equal and with respect. I also learnt humility. I wish we could go trekking to know more about Sikkim. I would like to explore the mountains in Sikkim.
Jason Yeo

The overall program was well planned. Mr Peter Soon was always welcoming and being the one there to guide us. I learnt about humility and the attitude for learning. I would suggest a longer duration for interaction with the kids. Many of us just started to bond with them but now we are leaving. I would definitely want to visit Sikkim again and Mt Kanchendzonga, the world’s third highest mountain. More hiking!
Russell Ng

Excellent service! Should have longer days to serve and teach. I’ve learnt to be more contented with what I have and work towards things I want. I learn to appreciate even the simplest things, respect our elders. I would love more time with the kids and trek up to see Tsomgo Lake next.

The program is very beneficial and the organisation very efficient. The trip was very well planned and execution smooth. Divine’s staff are also very friendly and sociable, making the trip very enjoyable. I learnt to be appreciative of what you have even though no matter how small. Also I’ve realised that we are very fortunate to be born in Singapore. The trip duration can be extended so we have more time to interact with the local children. This would help us learn more of their culture. I would want to visit Sikkim again and if possible I would love to trek and have school exchange program too.
Vincent Tan

I’ve learnt all the things I would never have learnt in Singapore. Material wants and superficiality are absent here in Sikkim. Instead, humility and simplicity of life is evident. It teaches me that you don’t need material wants to make you happy but just appreciate the simple things in life.
Prasanna Lynelle Chua

Everything was very well planned and all the facilitators and guides were very helpful. It is not very difficult to communicate with them. The service is very good and the staff very friendly and caring. I learnt to appreciate everything we have! Perhaps we can have ice breaker games among the group so we understand each other better. I wish to visit other schools which require even more help and the program should be longer.
Michelle Lee Yang

The overall program organisation was very good. We have a good place to stay and we always had good food and water. The guides were always very helpful and friendly. They took care of us very well. I learnt about respect, humility and to appreciate what I have. I would love more interaction time with the students. I want to backpack in Sikkim and visit and help less fortunate people.
Chong Qi Ai

I think the program was smooth and we have very good guides who took really good care of us. I feel that the staff is really caring and nice to us. They also provided us with much useful knowledge of Sikkim. I learnt how to appreciate my family and my present life. Even education which we regularly complain about. We now know how fortunate we really are. I would visit the country again for trekking.
Faith Chua

The program was very good! The guides were taking really good care of us and they were friendly, funny and caring. Our day to day schedule was really well planned and we had loads of fun from helping the kids and sightseeing.I experienced the way of life of the students in Sikkim and learnt about the culture here. Maybe I want to climb a small hill or mountain?
Abigail Chew

The staff are very helpful and friendly, they greet us and make us feel really good. They are doing a very good job, keep it up! I learnt to be grateful for what we have in life such as food, school, materials etc. I would like more bonding time with the kids and my group. I would want to try trekking.
Jeanette Ong

The program was very good. We were brought to hotels that were good and clean. The food wwas always nice. We were well taken care of by teachers and guide. The staff are very patient and friendly. I learnt that I’m really fortunate to be born in Singapore. Also, you don’t have to have a lot of materials to be happy. Yes! I want to visit Sikkim again for some trekking or more sight-seeing.
Audrey Ng

I felt that everything was well organised and the trip leader was extremely open to us and shaing his experiences and helping us. It was well above my expectations. Excellent job. Thanks. Of course I would visit Sikkim agin and construct proper houses fir the less fortunate.
Daniel Loo Jun Yuan

Everything was well organised, in order but I wish to serve more in school. The service was above my expectation. I guess Uncle Peter is one of the best trip leader I ever had. I learnt not to take things for granted. The serving time should lengthen. Of course I will visit Sikkim again, this is a once in a lifetime experience. I would wish to continue this activity to bring smiles on the childrens’ face.
Patten Pang

The program was excellently planned. A very good experience and an eye opener. I experienced a different culture, viewing different aspects of life and serving others. Do add trekking to the program and I would be keen to go up to the world’s third highest mountain in Sikkim.
Rictus Wong

I found the program very well organised as we manage to visit a lot of places. Everything was on time. I learnt to be more humble and to appreciate everything we have, to treat everyone with respect. I would like to visit this country again and explore other parts of Sikkim.
Ridge Tan

Our trip leader was a very good guy and he was very friendly. I learnt that life outside Singapore is very different and Singaporeans are extremely fortunate. More cultural exchanges should take place. I would visit Sikkim again because of this experience.
Benjamin Wong

I really learnt loads of things that could not be learnt in Singapore. For example the life of the less fortunate kids, I would not have understood by just listening to stories or watching the television. I would live to say Divine’s staff were considerate, kind and helpful. I learnt the life of other less fortunate kids, to appreciate what I got and not to take things for granted. The program have benefited me. Iwould love to trek the mountains here and to explore further in Sikkim.
Jerrell Huang

Students, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)
Service Learning Trip, Sikkim
11 – 19 March 2009

The trip was very good. The schedule was well-organised. Upon reaching Poonhill and the process of climbing where teamwork and determination were displayed. Divine staff were very friendly and approachable. Perhaps you can include some games and activities where the guides and all of us can play and interact together? I would like to explore rafting, mountain climbing, Annapurna South and Fishtail next.
Alfred Goh

I think that the overall organisation of the trip is perfect. The timing of the trek were all well-planned. We were all satisfied with the trek up to Poonhill and the two days CIP. I enjoy the interaction with my guide throughout the trek up Poonhill. He gave me a lot of information about life in Nepal and many more. The guides are very kind and caring, always looking out for the whole team. They also try to amaze us sometimes by producing music by blowing the leaf along the trek. They are also always willing to talk to us and tell us more about Nepal. I will definitely choose to travel with Divine again. They are the best tour agency and gave me a good impression. I will visit Nepal again and explore the Annapurna range or circuit next time. Thanks!
Javier Po

The trip was very well done. I enjoyed the process of climbing up to Poonhill the most as most time were spent there and many happy times are experienced. The guides are very kind and helpful. They offered whenever they can even though we can manage sometimes. Maybe we can have sessions that we can interact with the guides and porters. Divine gave me very good impression so I’ll choose to travel with you again.I would like to trek to trek up a higher mountain, maybe Annapurna South or Mt Fishtail.
Jonathan Teo

The organisation was great and most importantly there is no time wastage and the schedule flow smoothly. I enjoy the scenery best. This is a job well done I would say. Divine’s staff are so efficient and they never fail to answer your queries. Easpecially Surbir, Manish, Mr Dhruba and Mr Subas. I hope we have more interaction with the guides such as cultural exchange and Nepal history. I would be keen to explore the Annapurna Base Camp.
Eric Yeo

The overall organisation was well done, very organised. I enjoyed the lodge staying. Divine staff are very helpful and willing to help those in need. They are also very friendly as they always try to interact with us and teach us things. I will choose to travel with Divine again as they provide good service and information and great help to those who are new to the country. I will be keen to explore the ABC and Fishtail.

I like the trek a lot,I gain a lot of experience from the trip and the part where I enjoyed the most is the lunch break because we can rest from the trek and enjoy eating too. Divine staff are friendly and caring. They always put on a happya face and encourages, motivate us to overcome any challenges. I would want to go ABC next.
Teo Kai Ling

I think the trip was well organised with lodging and food provided. At the same time, plans were quickly made due to unforseen circumstance like road accidents and lateness. During the trek I enjoyed mostly singing the Nepali song and interacting with the guides. I think Divine staff are very committed to their job and are caring people. They can interact well with us and provide excellent services. It’s something commendable. You can probaly include some activities in between the trek to make it more interesting. I will travel with Divine again as I think their services and guides are very committed and caring people so I feel that it is worth travelling with them. I’ll be keen to explore the Mt Everest Base Camp.It’ll be a challenge for me and I feel it is worth my money and effort.
Sheryl Kon

The organisation of the trip was excellent. Well done! During the trek, I have enjoyed the scenery of the hilly areas and getting to know more about how people lived in the rural areas of Neal. The staff are indeed very friendly and very helpful during the trek. When we encountered any problems or need their help, they are ever willing to render their help to us. I would like to trek to the Everest Base Camp next.
Muhammed Firman B Malip

The overall organisation of the trip was great, but there is still room for improvement. I enjoyed making my way up to Poonhill basically the whole process. Divine’s staff are very helpful and very friendly. They will always lend a helping hand when it is needed. I wish we had more days of CIP. I would like to climb a mountain next time instead of a hill.
Lai Xing Lai

The organisation was good. All the lodging and food were provided smoothly and travelling time was well planned. The most enjoyable part was the portion when we have to cross some stones near the river. Although is looked dangerous, it was fun and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Divine’s staff and their services are very good. The guides are responsible and helpful and they are humorous and answers our questions as well. Many of us bonded well with the guides. I would like to come back to do service in schools for a longer period of time.
Wong Qun Jie

The trip was well planned. We fulfilled our objectives. I enjoyed the bonding with my group and our guides. I got to learn a lot about Nepal and all my group members. Divine’s staff are awesome! They are friendly, kind, clear with instructions and caring! I can’t think of anything you can do to make the trip better I will definitely choose to travel with Divine again. I think if I do come back soon again, I would want to experience what a typical student’s life is like here, like a student exchange programme.
Veronica Lavanya Manivannen

It was great organisation during the trip. Everything planned fell into place and even in rainy days, the guides were quick in adapting to the situations. I enjoyed the guides’ company especially Mr Munish, Dill and Suvil during the trek the most. Divine’s staff especially the guides were fabulous. They cared for us constantly. For example, I had bad stamina. Yet Dill and munish carried my bag.Mr Subas held my hand to support me up Poonhill and all. They are great guides. I wish more days would be allocated to trekking because it was difficult to trek and enjoy the scenery. I would visit Nepal again because of this experience. I had a very good impression of Nepal. I would be keen to explore higher hills and mountains, but maybe of longer time span.
P.S : The guides are really great, especially Subas, Suvil, Munish, Sushil.
Lim Cheng Hui

Student Leaders, Chung Cheng High School Yishun
11 Days Ghorepani/Poonhill Trek with Service Learning, Nepal
11 – 21 March 2009


The organisation of the trip is good and thoughtful. The challenges faced on the trek have to be the most memorable. Divine’s staff are thoughtful and very attentive. They are quick to respond to requests and would often go beyond their area of work to provide further assistance. I couldn’t ask for a better guide. I would like to explore the Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp next. Maybe even India? :)
Mr Victor Tan

The trip went very well! Everything was planned well beforehand from the trek to the lodging. Deployment of guides retio is good. Scenic trek and relaxing lifestyle away from the city living. Divine’s guides are well trained professionals and they go the extra mile for you regardless if you are a teacher or student. Top notch service! I will choose to travel with Divine again and recommend my friends and family too. I will visit Nepal again and go to ABC or the eastern side to view the Himalayan range! And maybe include some volunteer work in the schools too.
Mr Alvin Tok

The trip was well organised and very thoughtful. I enjoyed everything on the trek! The company, the scenery, the challenges when the going gets tough and the accomplishment. ? Your staff are very caring, helpful and professional. They made a difference. This trip is so much more pleasant and fruitful with them leading us. I will travel with Divine again, very happy with your services. I would like to explore the ABC next.
Mdm Connie Yeo

Teachers, Chung Cheng High School Yishun
11 Days Ghorepani/Poonhill Trek & Service Learning Trip, Nepal
11 – 21 March 2009


Dear Mr Deepak and team,
Thank you a million for all that you and the team had done. It has been an enriching experience and your team had gone all the way to make this trip a successful and meaningful one. Thank you for your hospitality. God bless.

Thank you for everything you have done for the students.

Dear Deepak,
You have done much more than you need to do. Thank you for your professionalism and sincere service. I appreciate it and hope to see you again.
Mr Lim Seow Chong

Thank you for everything from deep down my heart. God bless your big hearts! You all have gone way beyond.
Hwee Ling

Teachers, Fairfield Methodist School
Nepal Service Learning Trip
17 March 2009

Dear Deepak Ji,

You have made our learning journey memorable for us. We would like to thank you for everything that you have done. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for attending to our every need. Thank you for teaching us to appreciate life, families, school and teachers. Thank you for having our comfort and safety as your priority. We thank you.

We salute you.

Teachers and Students (Kent Ridge Sec School)
Service Learning Trip, Nepal
21 – 28 Nov 2008

Our guide is always willing to help, provides suggestions and always present! A job well done, extremely! Food provided was good despite the living conditions.

The trip is a good eye-opener for students as well as for me as a teacher. Everything was well planned and on time. Duration of the trip was sufficient.

Rajwinder Kaur (Teacher, Fairfield Methodist)
8 Days Whitewater Kayaking with 1 Day Service Learning, Nepal
1 – 8 December 2008

I have learnt a lot about Nepal fromthis trip and seen for myself what it is really like. I enjoyed myself throughout the trip and it is definitely enriching and memorable for me.

Lim Khee Xuan (Student, Hwa Chong Institute)
Community Service in Nepal
May 2008

Truly enriching and spiritual awakening. One of the best experiences in my life thus far.

Jerry Hong (Student, Hwa Chong Institute)
Community Service in Nepal
May 2008

Enriching and enlightening. The trip was value for money for every single cent.

Jensen Tan (Student, Hwa Chong Institute)
Community Service in Nepal
May 2008

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