The Most Memorable
Corporate Retreat Ever!

Did you know for just 4 days, you can already plan a corporate retreat to Nepal?

Divine International provides turnkey corporate retreat programs for corporate groups.

Travelling in Nepal will have you explore the hidden treasures of the Himalayan valley from the terai low land to the top of the world standing in awe of even a remote glimpse of Mt Everest at 8848m.

Where exotic temples and majestic monuments combine with traditional rural villages, the contrast of the mountains and bustling cosmopolitan, the harmony of wildlife reserves and jungle exploration – Nepal presents a myriad of top class experiences.



A Corporate Adventure Trip to Nepal
is Pure Excitement!


Meet the people of Nepal and experience a world that was once a kingdom. Explore some of the most famous heritage sites and luxuriate from the overnight safari trip to Chitwan National Park. Enjoy the wildlife and sanctuary or learn a skill to make the traditional crafts of Nepal.

Leave the world behind you while you paraglide in Pokhara. Take the Mount Everest flight and be up close and personal with the world’s tallest mountain. Raft admist the Himalayan glacier turned into whitewater and get yourselves wet!

How about contributing as a team to the rural Nepalese and participate in some community service work?

What more can we say about having fun with the people you work with besides trekking some of the best trails in the world? We say, you do not even need specific team building activities in Nepal, as the adventures themselves provides great bonding moments among everyone and with some astonishing discoveries. You may not have known that your colleague sitting beside you was a seasoned trekker, or your administrator was such a good photographer until he brought out his priced DSLR to snap gorgeous pictures of the Himalaya. And guess who screamed the loudest during whitewater rafting?

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