From the walled Imperial cities with their bustling souks and grand palaces, to the immense space and solitude of the legendary Sahara, Morocco offers an unrivalled experience.

Wandering the labyrinthine souqs of Marrakesh or Fez, your senses are awakened by the sound of tradespeople at work, the aroma of orange blossom and the kaleidoscope of rugs, scarves and babouche shoes enticing passers-by. The Atlas Mountains, dotted with tiny villages, make way for arid desert where nomads still eke out a living. The lush green valleys and rugged peaks are an amazing contrast with the medieval civilisation of the Imperial cities and what follows in the desert. A night spent under traditional Berber tents around a campfire, or under the magnificent desert sky if you prefer, woken by dawn.

Come experience the colours of Morocco the Divine way, as we bring you from one oasis to the next and we stop and admire the imperial cities in total awe.


Experience Morocco with Divine

7 Days | Cultural

Morocco — The Imperial Cities

The Imperial Cities is a tour filled with urban pleasures, from marvellous Islamic architecture and gastronomic delights to busy medinas. The most famous cities of Morocco Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes and Rabat have played important roles throughout the history of Morocco from the pre-Arabic times of the Berbers to the Arab invasion, to European colonialism, and finally to independence.

8 Days | Adventure & Cultural

Mystical Morocco — Dance of the Desert

Imagine a stay in the Moroccan desert, travelling by camel over the sand dunes and sleeping in traditional Berber tents. You watch the sky and sand turning pink and red as the sun sets. Then the moon rises against an incredible background of stars in the cooling, clear night air. You admire the peace and beauty of the world, enjoying a delicious Moroccan meal cooked over a timeless camp fire, all this is a unique, even life-changing experience.

9 Days | Cultural

Morocco — Heritage of the Jews

Morocco has had a long Jewish history, dating back thousands of years. The complex, intertwining relationship between the Jewish and Arabic populations is fascinating and unique in the world. With the opening of Israel, many Moroccan Jews moved East, but the country is now experiencing a resurgence of interest in the country's Jewish heritage. Morocco is the only country in the Arab World both rich in Jewish history and with a living Jewish community.

10 Days | Cultural & Heritage

Morocco — On the Trail of Andalusian Heritage

Discover Morocco and admire the splendours of the Islamic refined arts in the North of Morocco. When the Andalous Muslims and Jews were expelled from Spain in the 15th century, many of them migrated to the North cities of Morocco where they brought their refined culture and arts.

11 Days | Cultural

Discover Morocco

Immerse yourself with discovery of Morocco tour to embrace a variety of compelling natural landscapes from the Royal cities of the North to the exotic South of mud castles, charming sand dunes, majestic gorges to the beauty of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, you will learn and discover how to find oneself and keep forever in the memory an idea of eternity.

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