Touted as Asia’s Best Kept Secret, Brunei is a destination for the discerning travellers in quest of an untouched territory, waiting to be delighted and surprised.

Look beneath the surface of this well-ordered and tightly regulated sultanate and you'll see the underlying warmth of Brunei's people and the wildness of its natural environment. This quiet darussalam has the largest oilfields in Southeast Asia. Here magnificent mosques contrast with the charmingly haphazard water village, while the nearby mangrove forest is home to proboscis monkeys and crocs.


Experience Brunei with Divine


3 Days | Getaway

Brunei Weekend Getaway

A popular weekend getaway to feel the pulse of Brunei and experience city life in this opulent country. Divine brings you to the must-see monuments and experience the local touch with food and shopping.

7 Days | Family

Brunei Family Holiday: Cultural & Eco Explorer

The perfect family holiday with a little something for everyone – educational activities for the kids, indulging gastronomical treats for the foodies and wildlife for the nature lovers in the most pristine forest setting. Wait no further, just book and go!

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