The United Arab Emirates, UAE, is a young nation on a high-speed trajectory towards reaching the pinnacle of the world’s most exclusive luxury holiday destinations. Made up of seven emirates, each with their own individual feel, a galaxy of experiences awaits discovery in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is, of course, the jewel in the crown – a luxury playground, where the future and past collide with spectacular results. It’s a city-state where every venture and project is bigger, bold and more luxurious than the last. Dubai offers the finest range of luxury hotels in the world, a dazzling roll call of design and innovation. It has shopping down to an art form, with every designer brand conceivable represented here – and the gourmet dining scene attracts a who’s who of leading chefs and restaurateurs. It excels in indulging the passions of its visitors. Be that the high-octane adventure of sand dune skiing or just enjoying the finer things in life at the ultra-luxurious spa centres.

A green and pleasant city, Abu Dhabi has developed at a more relaxed pace than its sister emirate, Dubai. It retains a distinct Emirati feel with lots of culture to go along with its ultra-luxury hotels, F1 races and famous entertainment attractions like Ferrari World. There’s a real focus on art in the city with a number of world-class galleries and more in the pipeline including a Guggenheim and the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Sport is big in Abu Dhabi too, particularly golf, with some of the world’s most beautiful desert courses nearby.

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Experience United Arab Emirates with Divine

5 Days | Adventure, City Breaks

UAE Arabian Nights — Of Desert & Magic Camp

Tour both the old and modern Dubai, visiting some of the top hotels and some of the local souks, as well as spending time in the desert with the highlight of a luxurious magic camp experience.

6 Days | Family

UAE Family Fun – Theme Parks Galore!

Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a big attractions that can be as enjoyable for kids as they are for parents. Here are the top ways to explore the ultimate playground as a family. Enjoy the lovely Dubai with your kids.

9 Days | Luxury, Family

Ultimate Luxury in UAE

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the most modern and glamorous cities in United Arab Emirates. The UAE becomes a popular holiday destination for travellers from all over the world because it offers a variety of activities for families and individuals alike.

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