The Caucasus region, where Armenia and Georgia lies, is a mountain range lying between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, considered part of the natural boundary between Europe and Asia.

Explore the secrets of these two unique hidden lands, so close yet so different. Stroll around ancient Yerevan and Tbilisi, visit the Silk Road, get acquainted with UNESCO sites and enjoy the view of majestic Caucasus Mountains. Experience true Caucasian hospitality and meet friendly, open people. Feast on delicious Armenian and Georgian national dishes and taste the famous Kakhetian wine.

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9 Days

Cultural Holidays Armenia In-Depth

A trip to Armenia is a journey back in time, yielding the treasures of an ancient land that became the first Christianized country in distant 301 CE. Landlocked and mountainous, Armenia features a varied scenery that quickly shifts from extremely dry landscapes to dense forests carpeting steep foothills of the Lesser Caucasus. National capital Yerevan remains one of the world's least explored ancient cities; spend some time here to discover the bulk of Armenia's museums and other cultural venues narrating the rich story of an often-troubled region straddling two continents.

10 Days

Cultural Holidays Armenia & Georgia – Of Ancient Culture, Monasteries & Cave Cities

The Caucasus region offers a great mixture of outstanding landscapes, exceptional culture and warm friendly people. This tour takes you to Armenia, home to amazing world heritage sites, forgotten monasteries amidst stark mountain landscapes and remote canyons. And Georgia, the lush green heart of the Caucasus, with fabulous cuisine and culture, incredibly diverse landscapes, and an exceptional wealth of ancient churches, cathedrals, monasteries, and cave cities.

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