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Experience Armenia the Divine Way

Enjoy the view of Mount Ararat

It’s impossible to visit the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, without noticing its magnificent natural landmark, Mount Ararat. This emotive and awe-inspiring mountain is beautiful in any season. Traditionally, Mount Ararat was the symbol of the motherland for all Armenians, and it remains so today.

Take the Longest Ropeway In The World

You can get to the one of the most magnificent creations of medieval Armenian architecture, Tatev monastery, by a ropeway, which happens to be the longest in the world (5,752 meters). Not one for those with a fear of heights, as you’ll find yourself walking at 320 meters above the picturesque gorge of the River Vorotan for 12 minutes. At the end of the journey, you’ll arrive at a unique monastery, built in the 9th-13th centuries.

Take A Dip In The Inverted Sky

Lake Sevan is located so high up in the mountains, that when you sit on the bank it seems that the water surface is about to touch the sky. This amazing lake is the largest and possibly the most beautiful in the Caucasus. Spend an afternoon here and notice how every hour the water changes its color, from azure to turquoise to navy blue.


Experience Georgia the Divine Way

Narikala Fortress

A coveted Georgia tourist attraction, Narikala Fortress is a famous 4th century fortress located in Tbilisi. Built by the Persians, the fortress gives out unprecedented views of old Tbilisi and the shimmering Mtkvari River.

Mount Kazbek

A part of the Caucasus Mountains, Mount Kazbek is one of the highest mountains in the region, and offers breath-taking panoramic vistas to hikers and climbers.


One of the most unique places to see in Georgia, Europe, Uplistsikhe is one of the country’s most extraordinary cave cities. Also known to be Georgia’s oldest complex of natural caves, feel like an explorer as you discover Uplistsikhe’s stunning rock-hewn cellars, tunnels, places of sacrifice, and more.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Unlike any church that you’ve seen in your life before, the Gergeti Trinity Church is perched dramatically on hilltop below Mt Kazbegi, at a height of 2160 meters above sea level! Built in the 14th century, the church boasts of the Caucasus Mountains in the backdrop, which makes it one of the must-sees in Georgia.


Mtskheta is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is considered the spiritual heart of Georgia. A major booster of Georgia Tbilisi tourism, Mtskheta reeks of history with some extraordinary landmarks such as Jvari Monatery, St Nino Monastery, Armazi Fortress, as well as stunning churches such as the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.


Nothing to beat a fantastic day-out in the Georgian mountains! Vardzia is a fascinating 12th century monastery or cave city tucked away inside the Georgian mountains. Accessible by a 30-minute steep climb, the monastery is home to a network of mysterious tunnels and rooms that run deep into the Erusheli Mountain. If you love history and a bit of adventure, don’t miss out on this incredible Georgia attraction.