Tucked away from the monotonous chores of daily life faraway in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas is a fairy tale land called Bhutan.

For the traveler in quest for peace, tranquility, inspiration and enchantment Bhutan is the perfect answer. Here amidst monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, friendly people, pristine scenery, running streams, green valleys, lakes and awe inspiring architecture the traveler wakes up to a deep and pleasant realization that his inward journey has been as much valuable as his outward trip.

Experience Bhutanese culture on a curated tour with Divine - through the eyes of the everyday locals by visiting farmer’s markets, enjoying a home-cooked spread or spending a night in a village house! Explore the more remote corners of the country in the East region for a glimpse into tribes and their nomadic life – distinctly different from mainstream Bhutan. The stunning landscape presents wonderful opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as trekking, camping, archery, biking, rafting, picturesque picnics and outdoor BBQ and more.

Experience Bhutan with Divine

4 Days | Family, Sightseeing

Bhutan Retreat

This trip gives you a quick glimpse of the best experiences of Bhutan while based in Paro. Located at an altitude of 2200m above sea level, Paro is home to one of the oldest and most celebrated Dzongs of Bhutan. The town is full of legends, heroism and natural splendour and recorded many events which marked the beginning of great cultural heritage of the country. We also make a day trip to Bhutan’s capital Thimphu, scenically situated on a hillside and on the bank of the Thimphu River.

7 Days | Family, Heritage & Cultural

Classic Bhutan – Of Culture & Traditions

This trip combines the best of what Bhutan offers with a good mix of both culture and scenery. Begin our tour in Thimphu, the only capital in the world without any traffic light. Catch the weekend market, Textile Museum and more before taking a three-hour winding scenic mountain to Punakha. Tour the impressive Punakha Dzong. We then re-cross Dochula Pass to Paro and explore the beautiful valley of Paro and ends our visit to the dramatic Taktshang Monastery, built on a sheer cliff face at a height of 2950m.

7 Days | Trekking

Bhutan Panorama with Bumdrak Trek (Easy)

This is a short trekking experience in Bhutan. Along the trek you will visit the two most revered Buddhist Pilgrimage spot in Bhutan, Bumdral and Taktshang Monastery, besides enjoy the scenic beauty and Himalayan Mountains. Bumdrak means ‘Rock of One Hundred Thousand Foot Prints’. The legend tells us that a hundred thousand dakinis (angels) descended here and left their footprints on the rock 800 years ago.

7 Days | Trekking

Bhutan Haa Valley – Durkgyel Trek (Easy)

Haa Valley trek in Bhutan is a short trek in a region that was just recently opened for travellers. This trek in Western Bhutan offers panoramic views on Mount Chomolhari, some other Himalayan peaks and to the Paro Valley and the Haa Valley. Next to the trekking visit Taktsang Monastery (Tigers Nest), Durkgyel Dzong, Paro Dzong and Thimphu Dzong.

10 Days | Family, Heritage & Cultural

Central Bhutan – Sacred Bumthang

The Land of the Thunder Dragon, one of the most mysterious and unknown of all Himalayan kingdoms, hidden in isolation behind the high peaks of the Himalayas. For centuries forbidden to foreigners, this timeless Buddhist country has succeeded in preserving its enchanting traditions and ancestral way of life.

10 Days | Trekking

Days Bhutan Chelela – Nigula – Tsagala Trek (Easy)

Haa valley is not much visited by tourists, and particularly Tsagala trek is a beautiful 3 day hike through a mountain trail dividing the Haa and Paro valley. Traverse through beautiful meadows across virgin forests rich in flora and fauna and enjoy the wilderness in all its various shades and at its magnificent best. Soak in the panoramic picturesque view of the Haa Valley and the three sacred hills of Haa.

10 Days | Trekking

Bhutan Druk Path Trek (Moderate)

The Druk (Dragon) Path trek is ideal for those who are interested in seeing some of Bhutan’s rich culture and its stunning Himalayan vistas without committing to one of our longer, more strenuous treks. This trek provides significant contact with the people, landscape and culture of this mythic kingdom. The trek is designed to maximize exposure to the countryside and provide views of Bhutan’s most spectacular mountain scenery.

10 Days | Heritage & Cultural

Bhutan Exclusive - Central to East Highlights

For the discerning travellers who wish to venture beyond the classical Bhutan, we present Divine’s exclusive journey to explore the countryside of central Bhutan and experience the culture which has remained unchanged for centuries. We delve further into remote Eastern Bhutan where many of the Kingdom’s most ancient spiritual sights are found. This is the land of the Sharchops, who speak their own language and nurture their own culture and weave beautiful textiles.

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