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Deepak is an expert on trekking and community service in Nepal, and is highly regarded for his knowledge, network and experience in Nepal tourism. For more than 15 years, Deepak has been a professional travel consultant to travellers and trekkers in Singapore and abroad.


An avid outdoor enthusiast who constantly challenges himself, Deepak has walked the trails of many well-known treks around Nepal (Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp etc.), Tibet (High Mountain Trek Kangshung Face), Sikkim (Gochala Pass and Kanchenjunga Base Camp High Mountain Trek) and summited Mt Kinabalu in Sabah more than ten times. In 2008, he realised his dream in peak climbing and summited Island Peak (6190m) in Nepal.


Deepak is a self-starter who is passionate about tourism and a living example that if you can envision it, you can achieve it.


Born in a remote village in the Everest region, Deepak had limited education. Compelled by poverty, he left home at age 13 with bare hands in search of a better future.


His entrepreneurial journey begin when, after various odd jobs and 12 years working in the travel industry, he founded Divine International Explore & Treks in Nepal with a Singapore partner in 2000 to provide personalised travel service to an international clientele. A Singapore office was set up later.


Deepak pioneered community service travel to Nepal for Singaporeans and established many successful treks and community service projects with Singapore schools. One successful collaboration, Project NEPAL, was mentioned by PM Lee in his 2013 NDP Rally speech. Under his leadership, the company had achieved a 7 figure turnover by 2014 and is the go-to company for bespoke Nepal travel.


In true entrepreneurial spirit, Deepak displayed utmost resilience to overcome challenging times when events such as SARS, 11th September twin tower attack and the powerful earthquake in Nepal hit the tourism industry badly. Since the earthquake, Deepak has been actively devoting his time and expertise in rebuilding projects and medical missions. He also spearheaded Divine Foundation in Nepal as a channel for volunteers who wish to contribute to on-going projects in Nepal which directly benefits rural Nepalese who needs help in food, education and medical attention.


Deepak in his 10th year as Honorary PR Representative for Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) in Singapore. He has since facilitated the promotion of Nepal as an exciting travel destination through various channels such as individual and education travel, filming, talks, tradeshows and events. His strategic portfolio and network has bridged potential projects and opportunities between the two countries. As a result of his connection, the Singapore Women Everest Team was awarded the Everest Medal by NTB in 2009.


Deepak has been featured as an influential Nepal travel expert in the media, such as Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, Mediacorp 938, The Asian Geographic Passport and leading magazines.


By nature a person with a big heart, Deepak hopes to inspire people who never lacks and especially the young generation through his personal life journey, about how do you define success as a person and what motivates him to keep going despite the odds as a village boy with hardly any resources. And more amazingly, with nothing in his hands, he is able to give back to his birth country through the work he is passionate about till today.


In his personal pursuit, Deepak is a licensed ultralight pilot who thrives on flying in the sky.


If you would like to engage Deepak as a consultant for corporate outdoor trips to Nepal or as a inspirational speaker to your team, please contact us as below. We will respond within 2 working days.