Deutsche Bank Singapore Women’s Network Nepal Trekking Expedition

In the first week of October, a team of 18 Deutsche Bank volunteers from nine different nationalities and various business areas of the Bank traveled to Nepal on a volunteer trip organized by the Deutsche Bank Women’s Network.

The volunteers spent six challenging but meaningful days scaling the heights of the Kathmandu valley rim from Sundarijal to Nagarkot, camping under the stars as they adventurously tested the limits of their own strength and determination.

The team rendered their services at Shree Janakalyan Lower Secondary School, an under-resourced rural school in Nagarkot. Prior to the trip, the volunteers raised more than SGD 10,000 in contributions from friends, family, and colleagues for the school. The volunteers engaged the children in a morning session of games and songs. Every child received a pair of new shoes and a set of stationery. The team also presented the school with a new computer and funds to expand its facilities to provide higher secondary education to its students. A total of 215 students are expected to benefit from this assistance.

Indeed, this trip to Nepal has given the 18 women a chance to break away from their day-to-day routine and challenges their physical and mental boundaries while providing them the opportunity to benefit from the support and encouragement of like-minded colleagues.

About Singapore Women’s Network
The Singapore chapter of Women’s Network was formed to foster an inclusive culture that celebrates female employees and be the platform to help them realize their full potential.  The Singapore Women’s Network aims to create a supportive network to enrich the personal and professional experience of its members. It is ultimately about providing thought-provoking insights to our members and the network aims to transform itself from rhetoric to an engine for innovation and business growth.

Text by Deutsche Bank