Interview with 93.8 Live


We just got back from an interview recording with 93.8 Live DJ Daphne Lim.

This is our first time to the Mediacorp Radio Station. It was very interesting for us to be able to experience a recording session first hand – from seeing what a studio looks like, the lively interaction with a professional DJ and and the excitement to share our stories related to our life and work in Divine International on the national radio.

As we answered Daphne’s questions about Nepal, trekking, what our work entails and also our romance, it brought back many fond memories of ourselves, the people we met in our course of work and everything we had gone through. It also reaffirmed that we had led such an interesting life and full of snippets of life to share!

I feel a lot for Deepak suddenly. He was just a village boy from the Everest region in Nepal and has worked hard for the past 20 over years. And now he is sharing his story and views through Singapore’s radio program.

It has been an amazing experience with Daphne. We look forard to tune in to the broadcast this Sunday (23 Feb) at 10am.