MCI Group Dreambuilders in Nepal

MCI Group, a global communications and events management company, took a trip to Nepal in Nov 2013 to  participate in a community service project. The 18 member corporate group comprises of staff and friends.

Divine International helped organised the trip and project for them at Nagarkot to build a new classroom. They also funded 2 teachers for the next 2 years.

Due to a small group size, the classroom was not completed during their trip. Divine International continued with the project on the organisation’s behalf and it will be due for completion soon. With a new room, the school will finally have a computer lab and enable their staff and students to learn a new technology.

Extract from MCI Website:
Mr. Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director, explains why simply building the facility was not enough: “We learnt that a key issue was the lack of secondary level education (14 to 16 years) at the school. As the nearest school was quite far away, the parents and the kids were less inclined or had few resources to travel, and many did not bother. Our funding of a teacher will allow the school to provide a basic education to all kids in Nargakot up to 16 years old.” He continued, “We had a really special time even though we realised that our soft office bodies are not used to eight hours a day of construction work!”

A beautiful video has been made by MCI on the project.
See also more information Facebook and beautiful pictures of MCI’s contribution in Nepal.