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Exploring Nomadic Lifestyle For centuries, mongolians have been developing pastoral way of life- living in the ger and moving in the search of best pastures for their livestock. Mongolian nomads has been keeping and bringing their ancestors’ cultural heritage to 21st century with no changes. Visiting and staying with nomadic family is one part of the way to understand their culture deeply. They are very warm and friendly after entering their ger they offer milk tea with whatever they have-this is the first experience to know their hospitality.
Mongolia Naadam Festival
91306531 - golden yellow grass in the mongolian steppe in western mongolia.
Naadam Festival  One of the two major national celebrations is Naadam Festival which features activities such as horse riding, wrestling and archery and is held officially in July throughout the country. It is also known as the most colourful, historical and competitive festival.
Off Road Overland Tours Through Mongolia The least populated country, lack of paved roads, mostly less discovered huge land- means that Mongolia is the true destination for overland adventurers. Mongolia is not just huge desert or steppes but also, a country of rivers, mountains and heavily forested regions.
43915790 - dinosaur fossil
43389134 - landscape of hustai national park, mongolia
Dinosaur Fossils In The Gobi Desert Mongolian Gobi is a paradise for paleontologists and is second in importance for its dinosaur records, listing 40 species. Twelve to fifteen fossil egg types have been found in the Gobi. Among the seven large sub-orders of dinosaur, five are represented in Mongolia and in age from 100million to 65 million years ago. Another unique find consisted of the skeletons of two dinosaurs locked in combat. So visiting dinosaur sites is one the ‘must do things’ in Mongolia. You can also visit Dinosaur Museum where the best collections of fossils are exhibited in Ulaanbaatar.
Mongolian National Parks Currently 17% of the territory is designed for special protection. The national park system is a wonderful way of safeguarding and habitats of millions of species. Mongolia has led the world in establishing one of the first protected areas, the Bogdkhan uul beside Ulaanbaatar.